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Partnering with Juno

Introducing Brokers

Become an Introducing Broker

We understand the value added services you provide for your clients and want to ensure you effectively grow your business. Juno Markets was built for partnerships, and particularly Introducing Brokers (IB) benefit from our Partnership Program.

Our Partnership Program allows our Partners to earn revenue for introducing clients to us – and the flexibility to structure remuneration that best fit our Partners needs.

Giving you the tools to succeed

We aim to have the industry’s leading Partnership Program with a combination of state of the art technology, combined with on-the-ground support and a true sense of partnership: we are not in the business to compete against our Partners.

Read more about our Partnership Program here

All our IB’s get access to the following:

Competitive and flexible commission structure
We see many different business models among our partners and realize that there are significant differences between each local market. Therefore we have no global price or commission policy- instead we build the best possible pricing and remuneration structure for each of our partners to ensure a long-term positive partnership.
Personalized back office portal and CRM system
The core of any broker today is their client relationship management (CRM) system, yet most brokers are reluctant to give such tools to their partners. At Juno, we ensure that our partners have the same tools that are so essential to build up your business. We deliver a powerful back office portal with CRM functionality built right in. Keep your business organized with search tools and multiple reporting options.
Reporting and analytical tools for growing and retaining your business
As our partners' business grows, so does the need for actionable client insights. Juno Data Labs, a dedicated analytical team, brings sophisticated data analysis tools to our partners: cross and upsell possibilities, retention strategies, win-back and much more.
Mobile dashboard that allows you to track your business on the go
Business is done in the field, so we make sure all our development is mobile enabled allowing our partners to do their business no matter where they are. With simple yet insightful mobile dashboards, our partners are always informed of how their business is doing and where the opportunities lie.
Custom marketing material available in multiple languages
Our partnership marketing team works directly with our partners to create co-branded marketing material, in whatever language is needed. We believe the most powerful way to get the Juno message out to the end-clients is by having high quality marketing material, delivered by a strong a partner in their respective markets.
A dedicated account manager at your service to answer all questions
All partners have a dedicated account manager whose responsibility is to help the partner grow their business. This ranges from making sure any requests or issues are dealt with promptly, to being on the ground with the partner and helping to advise on business model, marketing and client interactions. Periodically, we also arrange seminars and workshops for our partners to discuss the newest trends and findings in the industry.